Streamline Training and Simplify Processes

Capture by Tili Safe is an innovative course capture system that transforms training and process documentation to an engaging visual course. With its user-friendly interface and advanced features, it empowers businesses to create, deliver, and manage interactive courses efficiently. Explore the key benefits of Capture below:

About Capture

Experience the power of Capture by Tili Safe and unlock the full potential of your training and process documentation. Simplify training, boost productivity, and achieve remarkable results.
Effortless Course Creation

Capture's intuitive authoring tools enable quick development of engaging content. No technical expertise required - simply drag and drop media elements, add interactive components, and create compelling lessons in minutes.

Customisable and Branded

Personalise courses with your organisation's branding. Customise layouts, colours, fonts, and logos to match your brand identity and deliver a consistent learning experience.

Intelligent Analytics

Gain valuable insights into learner progress and performance. Track completion rates, assessment scores, and engagement metrics to refine training strategies and drive continuous improvement.

Seamless Content Integration

Seamless Content Integration: Capture supports various media formats, including videos, documents, images, and quizzes. Enhance learning experiences by incorporating multimedia resources, interactive assessments, and real-world examples.

Mobile-Ready and Accessible

Capture is designed to be mobile-responsive, ensuring learners can access training materials on any device. Learn at your own pace, anytime, anywhere.

Secure and Scalable

Capture prioritises data security and offers scalability to meet your organisation's needs. Protect sensitive information and accommodate the growth of your training requirements.